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Your guide to home trolleys

Your guide to home trolleys

If you are currently using the furniture or walls to support yourself when walking around at home, you’re unable to carry a tray or other heavier items between rooms and you are not currently walking with a walking frame or a rollator, a home trolley could be just what you need.

There are a number of different styles you can choose from, including:

Explore our full range of home trolleys - if you still need help deciding which home trolley is right for you, please use our Expert Advice Service where you can speak with one of our friendly, professional Occupational Therapists who will advise you on which product best suits your needs.

What is a home trolley and why should you use one?

What is a home trolley and why should you use one?

A home trolley (sometimes called a kitchen trolley) is a lightweight wheeled trolley used to help you transport small items around the home.

If you, or someone you care for, are finding it difficult to carry out daily tasks in the home, like light cleaning, transporting laundry, or carrying food and drinks from one room to another, you may want to think about using a home trolley.

You could be finding the tasks mentioned above difficult for several reasons including:

  • Feeling pain or weakness in your hands and arms
  • Experiencing breathlessness, fatigue or pain in your back
  • Finding it hard to balance, perhaps due to dizzy spells
What NOT to do!
It is very important that you do not use a home trolley in place of a walking frame or rollator as there are no brakes to prevent it rolling if you are unsteady on your feet.

Setting the correct handle height

  • The person who is going to use the kitchen trolley should stand with their hands hanging at their side
  • They should then be measured from the floor to their wrist bone
  • The height of the hand grips of the trolley should be set to this measurement so that, when in use, the arms will be relaxed and slightly bent in a comfortable position

Which home trolley is right for you?

Duo Walking Trolley

  • Combines a traditional walking frame with a home trolley
  • Unique “braking slider feet” at the rear prevent the trolley from shooting forward if pressure is applied by the user
  • Ideal for those who are unsteady on their feet
  • Includes tray to carry items from room to room
  • Exclusively designed by NRS Healthcare
Duo Walking Trolley
Let’s Go Indoor Rollator & Trolley

Let’s Go Indoor Rollator & Trolley

  • Helps you to walk and carry items around your home
  • Brakes are easy to apply
  • Perfect if you find it difficult to carry various objects
  • Features a removable tray and a carry bag to carry snacks and household items
  • Easy to manoeuvre with a lightweight frame

Things to consider

The thresholds between your rooms must be level in order to use a home trolley safely.

A home trolley will help you to remain independent, by making it easier for you to carry out small tasks around the home, such as cooking and cleaning.

Using a home trolley to easily transport items between rooms will reduce the amount of journeys you make, ensuring lower levels of fatigue and preventing the risk of falls.

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