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Your guide to telecare systems

Your guide to telecare systems

If you, or someone you care for, are likely to fall or have had an accident at home, it’s worth thinking about how you can contact help in the event of an incident, in case you’re unable to get to the telephone.

The right telecare system can identify if an incident has occurred and send an alert to an appropriate responder. There are a range of telecare systems which can be used to identify different incidents, such as falls or wandering, and these systems can also operate in different ways e.g. through a pager or silent alarm.

We also stock a number of monitoring systems which can be used by live-in carers to keep an eye on loved ones or patients whilst in another room – ideal if the person you're caring for is prone to losing concentration and wandering off.

What are telecare systems and why should you use them?

What are telecare systems and why should you use them?

Telecare systems are used to alert a carer if the person they are caring for is at risk of falling, leaving the house, or forgetting to switch off appliances which could start a fire.

Most systems are a combination of products (sometimes sold as a package), which identify and send an alert if you, or someone you care for, do something which has been identified as causing a risk. Issues which can be monitored include:

  • Falling over and being unable to get back up
  • Day/night disorientation, causing you to wander
  • Forgetting how to do everyday things from which an accident arises

There are different levels of telecare. Stand-alone telecare systems operate within a single location and community telecare will alert a professional response team or your family if you need help.

Did you know
Some products include a time-delay setting, allowing you time to go to the toilet before alerting someone you have been away from your bed or chair and may have fallen.

Which telecare system is right for you?

Friends & Family Safety Alert Pro Alarm System

  • Ideal for anyone at risk of falling
  • Can be used with multiple pagers
  • Easy to use with a single 'call' button
  • Pagers have rechargeable batteries
  • Wireles pendant alarm system
Friends & Family Safety Alert Pro Alarm System
Voice Alert Monitor

Voice Alert Monitor

  • Ideal for anyone who is prone to unexpected walks
  • Uses a magnetic cord which alarms when disconnected
  • Alerts carers when someone has left their chair
  • Can be connected to a bed, chair, or wheelchair
  • Recordable voice message can be personalised to tell the person to return to their chair or stay still and wait for help if they have fallen

Top tips for choosing the right telecare system

If you live with a partner or a carer there are various systems which can alert someone in another room if you have a fall.

  • A fall detector pendant is a gravity operated device which recognises if you fall and sends a message to a responder unit within your home
  • An under carpet pressure mat is placed under the carpet or rug by your bed, and sends an alert if you get out of bed. This allows a carer to be sure you don’t fall during the night
  • chair leaving pressure mat will let a carer know if you have left your chair and may be at risk of falling
  • Some movement monitors have a time delay setting, sending an alert if you do not return to bed within a set time

Alerting a carer who doesn't live with you that you need help

If you live on your own, you may need to consider using a system which is programmed to contact a family member if you have a fall.

An easy use mobile phone can be programmed with quick dial numbers or have an emergency button to alert someone that you need assistance.

  Alerting a carer who doesn't live with you that you need help

Things to consider

Before purchasing a telecare system, you need to decide who can respond in the event of an emergency – a partner or carer who lives with you, a family member or neighbour, or a paid responder who doesn’t live with you.

If you find it difficult to walk to the door, or you fall often and can’t get to the door, you might consider having a keysafe fitted. A keysafe provides a safe place to store a key outside your home, to enable carers, response workers or emergency services to gain access quickly and easily.

If you do not have family living close by, and are unable to rely on friends or neighbours to provide support, there are alarm services available which connect to your telephone and alert a professional responder in the event of an emergency. These services are subject to a weekly or monthly fee.

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