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Your guide to toilet support

Your guide to toilet support

Having the right toilet support can be exceptionally beneficial in giving back a sense of independence and confidence to those who require a little extra stability when using the toilet.

How to choose the right toilet support

How to choose the right toilet support

There are a number of options which can assist in providing comfort and balance to the user whilst increasing their self-sufficiency.

Types of toilet support
Toilet frame

A toilet frame is a free moving structure that offers support during your daily routines. It can be easily moved and cleaned and is designed with comfort and safety in mind.

Some are fitted with built in seats and others feature ergonomic grip handles to make using them an easier and more pleasant experience. If you feel as though you need a bit more support when you're using the toilet, a frame may be the answer.

Placing a frame around your toilet will:

  • Give you extra support when sitting on or getting up from the toilet by using the armrests provided on both sides
  • Help you feel more secure whilst sitting on the toilet as the armrests make it just like sitting on a chair
  • Prevent you ‘dropping’ onto the toilet seat, as you can lower yourself gently whilst holding onto the arms
    Toilet frame
    Raised toilet seat

    Toilets are usually very low and if you find it difficult to bend due to issues with your back, hips or legs a raised toilet seat can make it easier for you to get on and off the toilet.

    A raised toilet seat makes it:

    • Easier to get on without bumping or dropping onto the seat
    • Easier to get up without straining your back, hips or knees
    • More comfortable when sitting - particularly for your back and hips
      Raised toilet seat
      Toilet seat with frame

      If you’re looking for a product that not only offers you support when using the toilet but also raises the height of your toilet seat, a toilet seat with frame offers the best of both worlds.

      Purchasing a toilet seat with frame may be the best option for you if one or more of the following is applicable:

      • You are holding onto the radiator or pulling on the sink when getting on or off the toilet
      • You have had, or will be having, a hip or knee operation
      • You want the security of armrests, and the comfort a higher seat provides
        Toilet seat with frame
        Top tip from our Occupational Therapists
        Using the right piece of equipment when using your toilet might save you the expense and inconvenience of altering your bathroom in the future.

        Top tips to get the most from your toilet support

        • Take time to make the right decision as to whether you need a toilet raise, toilet frame, or both
        • Make sure you raise the toilet to the correct height.
        • Do other people used the same toilet as you? If so you have two options:
          1. Purchase something easily removed
          2. Purchase something more permanent they are happy to use.
        • Are you able to use both hands to push or pull up? If you lean heavily on one side to get up you may need to fix your toilet frame to the floor.
        • Is there sufficient space for toilet frame? If pipes are boxed behind the toilet these can sometimes get in the way.
        • Is there space for grab rails if preferred?
        • If your toilet is too high you may benefit from using a step.
        Questions to ask yourself before you buy

        Questions to ask yourself before you buy

        • What height raise is required?
        • Is the frame height adjustable?
        • Does the toilet support need to be a contrasting colour?
        • Do you need a soft seat?
        • Do you need a horseshoe shaped toilet seat?

        Remember to order for each toilet in your household if needed.

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