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Pillow & Leg Lifters

Get comfortable and reduce pressure on your neck, back and legs with our pillow and leg raisers for bed. Designed for use with your existing bedding, a padded pillow lifter or leg raiser pillow is a great way to make your bed a relaxing haven. Sit up easily, put your feet up on our leg elevation pillows and prop yourself up to read all without straining with the help of these handy bedroom and seating aids.
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Mangar Handy Pillow Lifter

Mangar Handy Pillow Lifter

Eliminating the need for carers to help you, the Handy Pillow Lifter enables you to position yourself independently. Simple yet effective, this air filled pillow lift elevates you into a seated...
Medeci Pillow Lifter

Medeci Pillow Lifter

Designed to help a person to sit up in bed, the Medeci pillow lifter is a lightweight, aluminium backrest that sits on top of your mattress and helps to raise and lower you in your bed with ease...
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Airflo Leglifter

Airflo Leglifter

The Airflo Leglifter is an inflatable cushion providing essential assistance to lift and transfer the user's legs into bed independently, or with the minimum moving and handling risk to the carer...

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