Bedroom & Seating Aids

Starting and ending the day well can have a hugely positive impact on your overall mindset, which is why we offer a wide range of bed aids and bedroom seating to assist you in rolling, rising, and getting in and out of bed. Our bed aids and seating aids for the disabled and elderly are designed to make everyday activities more comfortable - from standing up independently to enjoying a cup of tea in your favourite armchair.

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Over chair and over bed tables
Do you or someone you care for spend a lot of time in bed or in a chair? You may find an over bed/chair table useful. It provides a handy surface that can be used to eat meals from, or to place books, magazines or an electronic tablet on.
Pressure mattresses and overlays
If the person you care for is at risk of pressure ulcers, then you may find a pressure mattress useful. They're specially designed to help spread a person's weight, to reduce pressure on certain points of the body.

What our Occupational Therapists say...

The equipment featured in our seating and bed aids section is designed to provide additional comfort and help make movement on and off furniture easier and safer for everyone.

It's common for our joints to become less flexible as we age, which is why many of our seating aids and bed aids can help those who are older to continue managing daily activities such as getting in and out of bed, turning and repositioning in bed, and getting on and off chairs independently.

There are also many health conditions which can affect the movement in our bodies and cause difficulties when sitting or standing. Seating and bed aids can help to make everyday tasks less of an effort and safer - particularly for anyone living with any of the following:

For many older people, or anyone living with a condition that restricts their movement, more time can be spent at home which is why it's so important to create a safe and comfortable environment. Home aids for the bedroom and living room are a great starting point for ensuring you are comfortable and can move around your house easily and independently.

If you're older or living with a disability, bedroom aids such as a bed rope ladder and fitted bed rail can help you rise to a seated position when you first wake up, and provide a safe support to help you get on and off the bed to start the day. Alternatively, for those with more complex needs, you may find an electric profiling bed more suitable as this requires less manual effort than a bed rope ladder or bed rail.

For those who spend a larger portion of the day in bed, an overbed table can provide a useful surface for eating, reading or writing.

Bed pads may be useful for those living with incontinence or who find it difficult to make it to the toilet. A commode or urinal may be placed in the bedroom to reduce the distance and time required to get to the bathroom at night.

When it comes to seating aids, it may be worth trying a set of furniture raisers if you're finding it difficult to get on and off your chair. If you require more support to stand but are still able to do so with the help of a family or professional carer, mobility aids such as a transfer disc can make it much easier to move between seats, e.g. from your favourite living room chair to your wheelchair.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of a house, as many of us spend a third of our lives sleeping! If falling out of bed is a concern, we provide bed aids like fall-out mats to reduce the impact of a fall, and bed alarms which alert others to the fact that you're no longer in bed - perfect if you are at risk of falling and have someone at home to support you.

We also provide a range of mobility bed aids for carers who are looking after someone with limited movement, such as bed hoists and slide sheets, for more efficient and comfortable transfers.

If you're looking for seating aids, a simple, yet quality chair cushion can raise the height of your seat so that you don't have as far to lower yourself when sitting or rise when standing. Alternatively, if you require a little more help, a portable lifting seat can be used to provide more support and also travel with you should you visit somewhere new.

The range of seating aids and bed aids we have available at NRS Healthcare can provide support for a wide variety of people - from those who are starting to notice themselves struggle when getting in and out of bed or off their chairs and who wish to remain independent, or for those people who need more support and require higher levels of care.

Many accidents in the home occur when getting out of bed, or getting up from a chair. A simple and inexpensive piece of equipment such as a furniture raiser or bed guard can help to reduce the risk of falls considerably and help our customers to remain independent in their own home for longer. They can even help to prevent serious injury - reducing the risk of hospital admission and stress to family and friends.

Healthcare Pro, as part of the NRS Healthcare family, live by their motto of “Putting People First” by offering a wide range of seating and bed aids that are not only affordable but also of the highest quality and delivered promptly to your doorstep.

With over 4,500 items available on our website, our products have been carefully selected and designed with the hugely-varying needs of our customers in mind, meaning we're sure you'll find the right products to suit your individual requirements.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact Healthcare Pro offers all its customers a free Expert Advice Service. So if you're unsure of what home aids would best support you, one of our professional Occupational Therapists can guide you towards the living aids which will help make your daily routine easier. Simply call 0345 121 8111 for a friendly, informal chat.

The great thing about shopping with Healthcare Pro is that you have a huge choice of living aids to suit your circumstances. So, whether you're a professional carer or family member looking to help someone live more independently or you're living with a health condition and need disability aids for the home, you'll find the equipment to fit your needs.

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